There are a thousand and one CV advice books out there, with a thousand and one CV types. formats and philosophies on what your CV should look like - adding immense confusion to those seeking advice on writing a CV 

CV writing isn’t rocket science, anyone can write an effective CV with sound advice derived from experience and a writing methodology, which is exactly what this guide gives. 

David Denny is an employment and career adviser who has been in the front line of giving real advice to job seekers and career changers over 25 years.

 Your CV is a key to the interview room door, a carefully crafted key designed to open a particular lock; that being a match to the person specification. It's not any old key and certainly not a crowbar! It has to open one particular lock - the person specification of the job you’re applying for.

 One CV for ALL jobs won't do the trick. You need to make your CV, along with the covering letter, fit the job specification of the post you are applying for and tweak it and fine tune it; or the door to the interview room remains firmly locked.

 This CV guide will illuminate the way forward, and show you how to take your journey to a winning CV, step by step.

At the end of this guide you will not only have an effective CV format and a firm basis to write CVs that’s match job specifications quickly and effectively - but you will also have a much clearer defined and powerful profile presenting theskills and experience you have to offer employers.

 Good Luck with your job hunting

David Denny

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